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The Human Body Handles 45 Dels (Units) Of Pain?

The Claim- "A Human body can bear only up to 45 del (units) of pain. Yet at time of giving birth, a mother feels up to 57 Del (units) of pain. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at the same time."

This kid isn't even out yet, and he needs a haircut.
The Verdict- False. There is no such thing as a "Del" of pain. If you read the description carefully, it doesn't even make much sense. If we can only handle 45 "Dels" of pain, then childbirth at 57 "Dels" (12 more than we can handle, for those horrible at arithmetic.) would mean that women would die during childbirth, and if one life pops into the world and one equally leaves, your population is going nowhere fast. We would have been an extinct species long before doctors and medicine came along to help us out.

Now obviously childbirth isn't a pleasant experience and nobody is denying it, While I cannot speak from personal experience on the subject, (unless you count kidney stones!) I am sure childbirth is less than pleasant. I have been there for both my daughters births and I have seen the obvious pain that their mother had to go through, and I have to admit it doesn't look like much fun. I have the utmost respect for those women that willingly go through with the experience, and they deserve that respect. However, that still doesn't excuse this claim that's been circulating around the internet from being horribly inaccurate and completely bunk.

There is no such measurement in the scientific community as 'del" of pain, but there is however a "dol" (from the latin word for pain, dolor) which was a proposed name for a unit of measurement for pain from the 1950's, but the idea never really made it far. Pain is subjective, after all. What would hurt me at a 5 on a scale from 1 to 10 for example, another person would call a 7 and another would call a 3 or 4, depending on their own personal pain threshold. Most people in the medical profession use a scale of 0-10 to measure the amount of pain based on the patient's interpretation as follows;
2-3 Mild pain
4-5 Discomforting - moderate pain
6-7 Distressing - severe pain
8-9 Intense - very severe pain
10 Unbearable pain
Oh Bollocks...
 Even when a woman gives birth, they are not all necessarily experiencing the same amount of pain, as there are many different factors that contribute to the overall discomfort, such as baby size, the position it's in, the mother's pain threshold, right up to the amount of pain dulling hormones the body releases during child birth. It's a lot of pain, no matter how you look at it. Unfortunately there is no simple way to have a universal measurement of pain that works well from one person to the next.  Aside from being made to sound like a scientific fact, this myth only serves to acknowledge the pain your mother had to put up with to bring you into this world.

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