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What is this all about? There are a lot of misconceptions and falsehoods in the world. Some of them are just simple misunderstandings or slightly skewered facts, while some of them outright lies that could be damaging if believed or taken too seriously. We are just trying to sort some of those misconceptions out of the sea of information, and help promote the facts behind it all in a simple manner, without rambling too much.

Why Us? Well, we want the truth, and that's what we strive for. We are not expecting anyone to take our word for it, in fact, we would prefer you don't. That's why we list our sources, and we encourage you to check our conclusions for yourself. Nobody is right 100% of the time, (Ask my ex, she'd agree wholeheartedly) but we try to set aside our opinions and find the bare truth behind it all.

One thing we try to avoid however is political fact checking. That's a rabbit hole we'd prefer to avoid if at all possible, as it turns into a he said/she said circle-jerk of monumental proportions, and logic doesn't seem to apply there.

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