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$5000 to Marry Icelandic Women?

Claim- Due to a shortage of men, Iceland has resorted to granting immigrants $5000 per month to marry Icelandic women, with priority going to North Africa's population.

I don't think finding a hubby would be too difficult for these ladies.

Verdict- False. No. Really, just no. Sorry guys, but Iceland is not paying anyone to marry their women, nor do they need to, as there is more than enough men to go around in this northern wonderland. According to the CIA World Factbook  there is 1.03 males to every female between 15-64 yrs old. Given, maybe they're not all marriage material but that's a separate issue entirely.

This rumor appears to have originated from the site "The Spirit Whispers" and has been picked up by several other sites, but is entirely false. Since the rumor took off, many Icelandic women have been receiving tons of unsolicited messages and Facebook requests over it, and  It has even caused the Embassy of Denmark in Egypt to put up a Facebook post addressing the rumor stating "Please note that the information that has been spread on the internet about government grants for immigrants who marry Icelandic women is NOT true."

On the plus side, at least you won't have to try and learn how to pronounce the places you'd come across living there.

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