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The China Mirage City

Claim- The ghostly mirage of a city has appeared over the Xin'An river in Huanshan City, China, complete with buildings, mountains and trees. Some people have even suggested that the mirage is a "vortex" to a lost civilization, while others claim it is caused when moisture in the air becomes warmer than the water below, creating the visual effect. Here is one of the videos reporting it as a mirage.

Verdict- False. Errors in translation and bad reporting caused the media to grab and sensationalize this story appearing in newscasts and on multiple videos on Youtube, some getting millions of views so far. Unfortunately, the truth is a little more mundane than the stories make it out to be.

The original video was about the unusual floods in June 2011 in the area caused by heavy rains, and not about the buildings seen in the mist not usually being there. That part was a translation error, which may have begun as a simple misunderstanding, but took off quite dramatically from there to what you see in the video.  Pretty impressive when in fact, all the buildings, trees, and mountains shown are actually there and not a mirage in any way.

That is why, boys and girls, you should  always do your homework, and double check your sources.

Sources/ More Reading
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2011 China Flooding
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