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Viral Golden Eagle Snatching Kid Video Is Fake!

Claim- a Video has been circulating claiming that a Golden Eagle had recently attempted to snatch a kid off the ground near a park in Monteal, Canada. The amateur looking video shows what appears to be an eagle swooping down out of the sky and latching on to a toddler, attempting to pick him off the ground and eventually dropping him a few meters later.

Eagles Are Well Known Hunters, But Not For Babies
Verdict-False. A Montreal animation school has already confessed that the video is indeed a fake, created by three students in it's three year animation and digital design degree program. Both the child and the bird were created in 3D animation and integrated into the video afterwards. The First clue in the video that it's not real is the way the bird turns to do its dive. The angle doesn't look quite right and seems somewhat unnatural for a short time. Secondly, it's not really a Golden Eagle as pointed out by bird watchers. It's wings are the wrong shape, too narrow, and it's coloring is also off to be a real eagle.

Eagles are powerful birds to be sure, but even they cannot lift a child. Known to be able to lift up to 15 pounds, there is no way one would be able to pick up all but the smallest children, and especially not one weighed down by an extra several pounds of winter clothing. But despite its faults, the video certainly grabs a persons attention when first viewed.

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