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Three Days Of Darkness?

Claim- "On December 21st,The world won't end However NASA have confirmed that on the 21st of December the earth will enter a still ring called the Photonic Belt at 1:00am, Colombian time. Where our planet will go off completely and will last 3 days of darkness. It is said that when it's completely dark, you will feel cold and there will be flashes of lights "Nothing is going to happen, it's just an extraodinary phenomenon, that happens every 11 million years"It is reccommended to stay in your houses as their will be no power or use of electronic devices. 3 days of darkness will pass. A planetary alignment. NOT the end of the world. You have to be prepared."

Verdict- False. NASA has never made any statements regarding The Photon Belt, and neither has any other credible member of the scientific community. And there is a simple reason for that- there is not any justifiable evidence that it even exists. The Photon Belt is part of a spiritual belief that the world is going to become enveloped by a ring of photons that will lead to a shift of consciousness for the entire world. NASA has published an article several months ago to be wary of the numerous hoaxes out the end months of 2012 on their website. There will be no 3 days of darkness, no planets aligning, no cosmic trickery of any sort out of the ordinary. The biggest thing they are aware of is the fact that the sun will be going through a solar maximum in 2013, which it does on a cycle every 9 to 14 years. ( The last one was in 2000)

But there is a bit of truth to all of this. The world is not going to end anytime soon.

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