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Huge Croc Or Photoshop?

Claim- Circulating around the net  is this picture of a massive crocodile beside a tour boat with the caption "Only In Australia!."
     I would never want this thing as a swimming partner. I wouldn't even feel comfortable being on the same continent as this thing for that matter. Assuming the person standing in the photo is of somewhat average height, this thing is big enough to eat me, my kids, and have enough room left over for our pets!  But is it real or not?

Verdict- Misleading, but still pretty impressive.  He is a huge beast, but someone apparently felt the need to slightly exaggerate his dimensions, and altered the picture to make him look even bigger than he actually is.

 The Croc in the picture is Brutus, a Saltwater Crocodile from the Adelaide River in Australia, near area where the Crocodile Dundee movies were filmed. He's missing a lot of teeth and his front right leg, commonly believed to be a result of a past run-in with a shark. (I wonder what the shark looked like after that adventure!) The 80ish year old brute is around 5.5 meters long (18 feet), and is commonly estimated at well over 2000 pounds.

Below is the original image for context and, as you can see, he may not be quite as large as the circulating picture makes him out to be, but he's still not something you would want to get in the way of. Ever.

Brutus enjoying some snacks

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