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Get More Out Of Google Searches

The web is a huge place with a lot of information on just about anything you can possibly dream of, along with some things you hope never to dream of in your lifetime. The problem is, finding what you're looking for can be quite challenging to put it mildly. There are thousands of useless sites to weed through that seem to serve no purpose other than make things even more confusing than it already is. That's where a good search engine comes in, to collect and sort through millions of pages just to help us find whatever we are seeking. There are a lot of them for sure, but of all the search engines out there, one has become so popular that its name has evolved to become a verb.

 "Just Google it." 
 Millions of searches go though Google's website every hour of every day. All you have to do is type in a few keywords into the search box, hit enter, and almost instantly you have thousands of results related to your query. But do you know how to Google effectively? Many people don't know a lot of the tricks that can quickly hone your search results down to narrow down what you're trying to find. That's why the people over at hackcollege.com have put together an infographic to help teach people how to search more efficiently with Google, and to refine their results to get more useful information out of them.

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