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2012 Galactic Alignment?

Claim- On December 21 2012, our winter solstice point will align with the galactic center. This cycle started in 3114 bc, and ends on Dec 21st, 2012. The procession of the equinox creates this alignment every 26,000 years. Depending on the particular story many different claims then surface, from a new world order happening, a new era in human evolution, to the end of life on earth.

Verdict- False. To be honest, I don't even know where to begin with this one. it is essentially another 2012 doomsday myth with a lot of big words taken out of context thrown into it to make itself sound credible, with not even a shred of evidence to support any of it.

For starters, if this cycle started in 3114 bc, and ends in 2012, that is certainly NOT a 26,000 year period, making this claim stumble right from the start. Secondly what exactly is this alignment? The sun does not cross the Galactic Equator at any point. Ever. Why not? because by definition, the Galactic Equator is the mathematical reference point between the sun and the center of the milky way. As such, the equator passes through the middle of the sun. If you move the sun, you move the line, and the sun obviously cannot get between itself and the center of the milky way any more than you can cut yourself off in traffic.

The Milky Way, Taken In Australia

Perhaps instead of galactic Equator, what they meant to say was the alignment was to to the Galactic Plane, which would be a little more feasable, but still is way off in accuracy. The Galactic Plane would be the center "disk" of the Milky Way if you were to measure the center point of the galaxy's entire mass from top to bottom.  Unfortunately, that doesn't really work out either, because the sun is currently about 100 light years away from it, and bobs up and down across this line in a cycle that takes about 64 million years, nowhere near what is claimed. With a period that long, there is no way we could even narrow the sun's crossing the plane down to a few years, never mind a specific date and time, as the myth calls for.

Essentially what this myth amounts to is bad science, stretched and adapted to coincide with with other myths such as the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse and other doomsday scenarios to try and sell a few books to conspiracy theorists, and shouldn't be taken as anything other than poorly written fiction. Real science takes the facts and draws a conclusion from them, while bad science like this takes a conclusion and tries to find facts to fit instead.

Solar Eclipse From Space

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