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The Black And White Twins

Claim- A viral email that has been circulating Facebook and emails for several years claims a mixed race british mother gave birth to twins, one black, one white.

Verdict- True. Kylie and Remi Hodgson of Nottingham England became the proud parents of fraternal twins Kian and Remee in April 2005. For a single birth, the odds of the child being one color are about 100 to 1. Factoring in twins, and one being black while the other is white ups the odds significantly to about a million to one. Several factors have to be present in order for something like this to happen.

  1. Both parents have to be of mixed race to carry the correct genes.
  2. The twins have to be fraternal ( two separate eggs fertilized, as opposed to identical twins which are from the same egg split in two.)
  3. Each sperm and egg have to carry the right genes. (Eg black/black or white/white)

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