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Instant Noodles Contain Wax?

Claim- "Instant noodles contain a wax coating which is also used in the styrofoam containers. That is why instant noodles don't stick together when cooking. Our body needs up to two days to clean the wax. Makes sure you stop eating a pack of noodles for at least three days after. This wax can cause cancer. SHARE with those you care about."

Verdict- False. Variations of this claim have been circulating in various forms for more than a decade. Instant noodles contain Palm Oil, not wax, to prevent sticking. Wax would not solve the issue anyway, as wax melts at lower temperatures and would quickly melt off the noodles as they are heated. The disposable containers  that noodles come in do not use wax either, for the same reason. Polyethylene coated paper, expanded polystyrene, and polypropylene plastics are used instead to make the containers so that they are water proof. Besides, wax isn't toxic. It does have a mild laxative effect when ingested, but isn't much to worry about unless you ate a large quantity for some weird reason. Like if you wanted to poop rainbows and then proceeded to eat an entire box of crayons or something similar, but at that point I think the state of your mental health would be a bigger cause for concern.

If there's a possibility of bad things entering your body, it wouldn't be from the noodles, but from the packaging they may come in.  Disposable containers are not all equal, as some are NOT designed to be heated in a microwave and they can leach undesirable chemicals into the food that you are attempting to heat. Always read the directions on the label or container to be safe. If you're still not sure, or it doesn't specifically mention microwaving, play it safe and swap the container out for one that is microwavable. Having a few extra dirty dishes is a small price to pay to avoid being sick later on down the road.

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