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God's Hands

Claim- A picture circulating around social media sites showing clouds in a hand formation, supposedly proving the existence of a god.

Verdict- False

Looks like someone's about to get dumped on...
Recently, this picture has been circulating around facebook, claiming to be the hands of god, and has been shared numerous times already. The problem is they don't understand the truth behind it. The original image has been circulating for many years, and was Photoshopped with the hands to pay homage to goatse.cx to resemble hands prying an anus apart. ( Goatse.cx was an internet shocker site, that featured a picture of a man on its front page showing a naked man stretching his anus with both hands. The artist who created the image, did an IamA  on reddit.com, in 2011, and says it took a whopping two minutes to create the image in photoshop. So now the next time you see this image posted, you can laugh and comment "goatse!!

Original Image
I guess there's no accounting for the things people will believe in, when they want to believe in something badly enough. I'm not sure what the final tally is, but I have seen it circulating on Facebook with thousands of unsuspecting people sharing it, oblivious to what it really means. Below is the original image.
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